WECO 987Q-3D Universal 3D Door Detector



Specifications of 2D
Detection Range 0 – 4000mm
Working conditions -20℃-65℃, 100,000LUX
Number of diodes 40 pairs
Scanning beams 194 beams
Tolerance Up/down: ±15mm,Back/forth: ±3mm,angle ±5degrees
Response time ≤100ms
Signal Output Relay Output
Yellow LED in RX Power Indicator
Red LED in RX ON:Blocked or faulty/OFF:Normal
Working Voltage 85~265VAC or 15~30VDC (Set by Dip Switch)


Specifications of 3D
Installation Height 1900mm-2200mm
Frequency 25.125GHz
Minimum Detecting Range (from Elevator Door Hall) 200-500mm
Maximum Detecting Door Opening Width Central opening: 1750mm, Side opening: 1200mm
Tolerance Up/down: ±15mm,Back/forth: ±3mm,angle ±5degrees
Working Condition  -20℃-65℃, 100,000LUX
Minimum Detecting Speed 20cm/s
Detecting Mode Moving Objects


Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 90 × 3 × 3 in


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